How NetSuite automates administrative tasks for the nonprofit industry

Through NetSuite’s unified business management solution, you can manage your organization end-to-end. This provides you with a single, flexible and powerful business application integration. Think of non-profit accounting, fundraising, CRM, ERP. But also inventory management, e-commerce and much more!

“NetSuite provides cloud software built for non-profit organizations of all sizes to improve their operations and grow their mission.”

  • Break Down Silos: Ease the burden of maintaining multiple systems and focus on your core mission.
  • Boost Your Resources: Strengthen connections with existing donors, find new supporters and deliver better programs and services.
  • Fuel Your Mission: Through innovative products and services, every nonprofit has the opportunity to leverage NetSuite to fuel its mission.

The most important advantages of NetSuite for your nonprofit organization

No double work

There is no duplication of effort by linking financial and other administrations. As a result, data no longer has to be entered manually from one system to another. This way you avoid duplication of work and reduce the risk of errors.

Clear cost overview

A clear administration will of course help you to substantiate your costs. After all, this is necessary for accountability to stakeholders and subsidy providers, for example. In short, NetSuite provides this overview.

Reports and analysis

Because in NetSuite the data is clear, it can be reported quickly and easily. In this way you can easily keep stakeholders and management informed and make decisions based on reliable figures.

Achieving objectives

By automating business processes, there remains more room for achieving other objectives. Because you spend less time on manual work every day and also get a quick insight into all the figures, NetSuite enables you to respond to the future.

Accounting for funds

NetSuite not only provides a comprehensive accounting framework for funds that make it possible to manage various revenue streams on a non-profit basis. It also includes correlating fund sources with associated spending transactions and efficiently managing fund restrictions and subsidy requirements.

Subsidy accounting

NetSuite’s subsidy accounting module not only increases efficiency and insight into the subsidy lifecycle. It also enables you to follow the conditions of many grants and automate the management of time and expenses for billable and non-billable transactions.

Special NetSuite license for your nonprofit organization

For non-profit organizations there is a special license available within NetSuite. This license has no recurring costs unlike other licenses. In addition to these licenses, non-profit organizations can access special solutions for grant accounting, FASB reporting, nonprofit budgeting and more. In addition, each solution has special nonprofit pricing that differs significantly from standard pricing. With Netsuite, you also have a fully integrated environment and application can integrate your calendar!


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