A company built to help clients reach the maximum Rsult

We are a tech-loving, problem-solving, people helping company that values long-term relationships.

International offices in multiple countries

Based in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, South-Africa, Australia, Czech Republic and more to follow

A strong, large and diverse team of experts

With more than 75+ experts and still growing, we are a reliable and strong force.

Experienced & focussed

Experience, experience, experience. And a focus on financial and ERP solutions only. That’s our biggest advantage, resulting in excellence.

What makes Rsult stand out

Our signature: international knowledgeable, locally connected

We are currently present in the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and Czech Republic. This results in a unique experience and knowledge that you only find with enterprise players. But where they lose flexibility, pragmatism, and a personal approach, we build our organisation around this mindset, because we believe this is the best combination to help your business thrive. 

Your business & profit at the core of our services

We have knowledge on both the financial and operational side of the industries we operate across like no other partner. This is why we can make software work profitable for your business like no other. 

Proven trusted

We are the preferred partner of top accounting firms. We help their clients succeed with NetSuite.

Rsult customers

All our team members

John Schrijvers

John Schrijvers

Group CEO

Gerard den Teuling

Group CFO
Roger Bastiaens

Roger Bastiaens

Sales Director
Jeroen Visser

Jeroen Visser

Senior ERP consultant - Director

Eric van Leeuwen

ERP Consultant

Bram Smits

ERP Consultant

Petra Hauer

Office Manager - Eindhoven

Paul Visser

ERP Consultant

Stefan Hut

ERP Consultant

Wesley Lagemaat

Project Manager

Joyce Velzeboer

HR Manager

Wilmer van den Berg

ERP Consultant

Bart Rensen


Sanne van Sleeuwen

Finance Associate

Lars van Laarhoven

BI Consultant

Eduard Gradenwitz

Technical Consultant

Bram van Rensen

ERP Consultant

Pauline Steinfort

Office Manager - Groningen

Hamid Chaichi

ERP Consultant

Marjolein Broods-Verstegen

IT Consultant

Dat Dinh

ERP Consultant

Gea van Weringh

ERP Consultant

Rolf Goedendorp

ERP Consultant

Niels Frans

ERP Consultant

Bart Vaessen

Operational Manager

Steef Janssen

Manager BI

Yorick Bonte

ERP Consultant

Simone Hesselberth – de Hond

BI Consultant

Roy Pastoor

ERP Consultant
Jorryt Nijholt

Jorryt Nijholt

Senior ERP consultant - Director

Dominik AntalĂ­k

NetSuite Technical Solution Architect

Lucia Zacharová

NetSuite Consultant

Daniel Rauscher

Senior Technical Support Consultant

Tereza Cosentinová

Senior Functional Consultant

Martin Vaicenbacher

Senior ERP Consultant

Patrik Fivos Tzortzakos


Surendar Madeswaran

Developer / Consultant

Neill Hermanson

Senior NetSuite Consultant

Lenka Příhodová

NetSuite Consultant

Zuzana Rabčanová

NetSuite Consultant

Jana Marcinkova

NetSuite Consultant

Martin Strašil

NetSuite Consultant

Libor Nekula

NetSuite Consultant

Barbora Bělašková

NetSuite Consultant

Matthew Lawrence

Development Lead

Mike Baldock

Sales Director UK & Ireland

Robert van Geenhuizen

Marketing Director

Richard Lang

Principal Consultant

Craig Morton

New Business Developer

Robbie Cockburn

ERP Consultant

Ashwin Balluck

ERP Consultant

Paul Stockton


Aston Byfield

Group CRO

Michael McGavin

Netsuite Outsourcing Director EMEA

Chris Wognum

ERP Consultant

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