Why NetSuite is Key to achieve the Ultimate Exit Strategy

Manage your PE portfolio as if it were one organization

A broad range of robust ERP

And global financial functionality designed for modern businesses, enabling customers to streamline their mission-critical business processes.

Designed for modern Businesses

Cloud-based, mobile-enabled and social, NetSuite frees the modern business from antiquated PC-based, anti-social systems locked behind the firewall. At its core, NetSuite provides a dynamic, easy-to-use platform designed for all users across a global organization that can be accessed via any device, at any time.

A highly scalable system for growth

With the ability to quickly and easily add functionality as a business grows and international capabilities including support for 190 currencies, 27 languages and automated tax compliance in over 100 countries to fuel global expansion.


Private Equity-Backed Companies Thrive on NetSuite

Finding the right software for your portfolio companies starts with finding the right partner. NetSuite provides Private Equity Firms with the ability to optimize decision-making across their portfolio by giving complex companies the software platform to execute bold strategies with accurate, real-time information.

NetSuite benefits for Private Equity Firms

📊 Reporting Your Way

With NetSuite, Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies are empowered with real-time visibility to make the strategic decisions necessary to maintain business continuity and manage the restructuring.

 Apply multidimensional analysis to financial, statistical and operational data to gain unique insights into performance.

Role-based dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) help keep team members focused on the outcomes that matter to the business.

Limit access to sensitive financial information with configurable role- and user-based access and permissions.

Customizable layouts, reusable reporting templates and saved searches make creating ad hoc reports faster and easier.

🚀 Carve-Outs the NetSuite way

With NetSuite’s leading implementation methodology, SuiteSuccess, carve-outs can be up and running on a robust and flexible platform well within TSA deadlines and be prepared to meet objectives from day one.

  • 360° visibility and actionable insights increased 55% to 80%
  • Reporting time and resources reduced 40% to 55%
  • Time to close financial books reduced 45% to 70%
  • Audit completion and support time reduced 25% to 40%
  • IT support costs reduced 40% to 65%
  • Business continuity costs reduced 45% to 65%
📈 Add-on transactions

Like carve-outs, add-on transactions come with their own set of challenges. Migrating multiple companies into a single entity can become an intricate endeavour. With solutions like NetSuite OneWorld, however, portfolio companies can streamline the onboarding of add-on transactions.

Ensure consistency across the organization by standardizing core business processes and workflows.

Real-time consolidation at local, regional and global levels improves the timeliness and accuracy of financial statements.

Eliminate the cost and complexity of supporting multiple ERP systems in different locations, with different data formats and inconsistent data standards.

🎮 Customization and Platform Flexibility

NetSuite’s agile solution empowers portfolio companies to modernize and transform their business. They are equipped with a fully up-to-date IT environment geared for innovation and scalability. Our solution provides the tools necessary for your portfolio companies to behave like sustainable and thriving businesses.

Customizations automatically carry forward during every version upgrade without requiring modification.

No/low-code tools put change — including the ability to extend the native data model — in the hands of non-technical business users. No IT help needed.

Automate common tasks and processes with visually defined workflows that don’t require coding.

Create business applications and programmatically defined customizations that extend NetSuite.

Control and automate your end-to-end application pipeline from build to test, deploy and upgrade.

Exchange business-critical data at scale with existing on-premises or cloud-native applications over industry standard interfaces like REST, CSV, ODBC and .NET.

“We use NetSuite to deliver a holistic, omnichannel experience that drives customer satisfaction and repeat business while streamlining our operational business processes.”

– Lovesac

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