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You are an experienced NetSuite consultant, project manager or SuiteScript developer. And you have plenty of work. In addition, you love the life of being a freelancer. Independent and free. But that’s not the complete story. 

Being a freelancer is not always fun. Nobody to reflect with, to talk to when things don’t go like they planned. Getting licences or buying software can be expensive. Waiting a long time before bills are getting paid. We can go on for a while. You are not alone. There are a lot of people out there that feel the same. They have to deal with the same challenges every day, just like you.

So, at Rsult, an international NetSuite partner, we believed this could be done better. Rsult Connect is the result. A platform and value network that connects you with other professionals internationally and solves many challenges you deal with. In the future, we want to solve even more challenges. We are ambitious.

"Building a professional international network where you as a freelancer can do what you like, whenever you like, facilitated by Rsult Connect"

John Schrijvers - Founder

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