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The Rsult Group is at the very forefront of innovation and tech progress. We’re a team of companies like CleverSight, DataSwitcher, DataBrydge, Finbees, and Rsult. Each of us specializes in areas like data management, financial services,business intelligence and operational efficiency. Together, we share a goal: to provide businesses with advanced technologies. This leads to growth, better efficiency, and an edge over competitors. We’re committed to innovation, honesty, and sustainability. We aim to set new industry standards and add value for everyone involved.


Our strength lies in our in-depth understanding and innovative application of technology to transform businesses. With expertise across key areas, each designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities of the digital age. Here’s a brief overview of what we bring to the table:

Our companies

Our companies

Pioneering Innovation and Efficiency in Tech

Uniting Expertise in Data, Finance, and Tech for
a Smarter Future

Elevating Business Intelligence with Data Analytics

Cleversight specializes in enhancing business performance through advanced data analytics solutions, offering tools for data-driven decision-making and operational efficiency.

Seamless Accounting Software Migration Made Simple

Dataswitcher is the leading platform for fast, secure, and successful accounting software data conversions, ensuring seamless transitions with a
100% success rate.

Streamlining Cloud Integrations for Business Efficiency

Databrydge offers a fully managed integration platform that simplifies the complexities of cloud software application integrations, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

Customized Financial Support
for Entrepreneurs

Finbees provides tailored financial support services, offering flexible accounting solutions to entrepreneurs, ranging from bookkeeping support to comprehensive financial administration management.

Streamlining Business Growth with Cloud ERP Solutions

Rsult specializes in NetSuite implementations, offering expert consultations and a proven methodology for businesses to successfully adopt cloud ERP solutions.

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