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Acquire the right knowledge and skills to become a high-value NetSuite Consultant and improve yourself as a business professional.

Improve yourself as a business professional

At Rsult, we believe that collaboration is essential to success. By working together and sharing our knowledge, we can help each other reach our full potential and improve ourselves as business professionals.

Acquire the right knowledge and skills

With customised training experience that will offer you the best learning outcomes in just 6 weeks. This way you can become an excellent NetSuite consultant.

Experience a challenging work environment

Experience a personal career growth path that is tailored specifically for you. In a work environment where you can learn from some of the best in the field.

Want to Contribute Your Experience in a Challenging Workspace?

We believe that being challenged is essential for growth. Therefore, we value challenging you in your knowledge skills, and become a high-value consultant. We offer continued education and professional development opportunities, in an environment that suits your ambitions.

You might recognize these aspects in your current work environment:

Become a High-Value NetSuite Consultant with the Rsult Academy

The Rsult academy is an accelerated path to help you become a high-value NetSuite Consultant. The program strengthens your overall consulting skills and contributes to your personal growth. During the academy, you will spend 4 weeks weekly covering various topics of the themes ‘Industry & Business Fundamentals’, ‘Professional Skills’, ‘Product Knowledge’ and ‘Foundational Knowledge of ERP’.

šŸ“ Pre-work & Entrance Exam

To optimize your learning experience, you will prepare for the class with foundational elements (like ERP and Admin fundamentals) in a self-study format. After preparation, you will take an entrance exam. Successful completion of the exam grants access to the academy.

šŸš€ Academy week 1

In the first week of the academy, you will learn to apply the ERP and Admin fundamentals in teach-back sessions and learn more about accounting and credentialing.

  • Accounting 101
  • Business Processes
  • Credentialing
  • Admin Fundamentals
  • ERP Fundamentals
  • Financial Management
  • Alignment
  • Sales to PS KT
  • Bundle Deployment

šŸ“š Academy week 2

In the second week, you will participate in group role-plays to apply topics like data migration and learn more about strategics, communication and client management add-on transactions.

  • Client Management
  • Notetaking
  • Strategic
  • Communication
  • Data Migration
  • Business Process Areas
  • Process Walktrough
  • Data Migration Strategy
  • Configuration

šŸ“ˆ Academy week 3

In the third week, you will gain analytical knowledge and learn skills like objection handling and storytelling in individual role-plays.

  • Objection Handling
  • Storytelling
  • Customers & Conflict
  • SuiteAnalytics
  • Reports & Searches
  • Individual Process
  • Walktroughs
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

šŸŽ“ Academy week 4

In the fourth and last week, you will learn how to use your knowledge and skills as a professional ERP consultant and experience the final teach-back sessions.

  • Professionalism 101
  • Time Management
  • Accounting NetSuite
  • Essentials
  • Data Migration
  • Transactions & Cutover
  • Go Live Delivery

Improve Your Consultancy Skills as a Young Professional

Since all job offers are looking similar, finding a workspace that matches your ambitions can be hard. The Rsult Academy helps you to develop yourself as a business professional. We give you the opportunity to grow and prosper as a high-value consultant. In a work environment where you can learn from the best and gain the necessary knowledge and experience to become a professional ERP Consultant.

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